1. Thursday March, 29th, 2012

    Who knew I had a formspring when I forgot over the past year? haha

    nice man. yea i forgot about mine too.

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  2. Thursday March, 29th, 2012

    Twilight or The Hunger Games?

    go fuck yourself.

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  3. Friday July, 15th, 2011

    Harry Potter opens today. If you were going to cast a magic spell, what spell would you cast?

    hmmmmm…..i know. IDONTGIVEAFUCKILIOSIS!!!!!

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  4. Wednesday May, 4th, 2011

    who do you want to get to know?

    alot of people. Dave Grohl, John Feldmann. People who inspire me, and then there are a few people that I already know that I would like to know a little better. but pretty much anyone in general.

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  5. Monday February, 14th, 2011

    I’ve had a crush on you for awhile but I couldn’t admit it.. I took a picture of your name written on my body and put it here: www.bit.ly/eMJ8eZ?690226445 sign up and search for Justustheplague guess who i am


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  6. Thursday January, 13th, 2011

    are you a freak in the sheets?

    hahaha wouldnt you like to know;)

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  7. Saturday January, 8th, 2011

    If you could attend any concert, what would it be?

    wow…..thats a tough one. um, i guess maybe an ETF or BMTH show.

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  8. Saturday January, 8th, 2011

    If you could only read one magazine for the rest of your life, which would it be?

    AP magazine. I live in that thing.

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  9. Saturday January, 8th, 2011


    Ask me anything http://formspring.me/Justustheplague

  10. Tuesday January, 4th, 2011

    hiya gota new year resolution?

    yea, have more fun than i did last year. hahaha!

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  11. Saturday December, 25th, 2010

    If you were a pirate would you rather have a peg-leg or an eye patch?

    definitely a peg-leg!! it would be like a secret weapon!! haha!!!

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  12. Tuesday April, 13th, 2010

    oh taylor its mini prosser. the answer to the bunny question if he was alive would be 8919 hops

    hahaha nice man, nice.

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  13. Tuesday April, 13th, 2010


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  14. Monday March, 8th, 2010

    have you ever tried smoking before?

    …..Like???? ;)

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